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How to check whether the stainless steel railings decorated qualified

Home decoration, stainless steel railing installation common on the stair railing and balcony railings, stainless steel railing for a security role in such renovation, the owners how to detect whether the stainless steel railings decorated qualified?

Stainless steel railings decorated qualified is mainly for testing in several ways:
 1) stainless steel railings, handrails, balustrade the variety of materials used, size, type, color, thickness and thickness of glass must comply with the design requirements (corresponding technical standard and current national regulations.

(2) stainless steel spacing height of the guardrail, railing, the installation location must meet the design requirements, the installation must be firm (after installation without any kids to slip through the gap.

(3) plating film, and metal color, and light should consistent, roast paint color uniform, surface no peeling, and designated marks, straight corner and the joint at of welding should anastomosis dense, bent corner round Shun smooth, metal handrails surface should smooth delicate, no deformation, arc handrails arc natural smooth, metal railing, and handrails connection at of welding, its surface shape, and flat degrees, and finish, and color with connection pieces consistent.

(4) rail evenly arranged, ordered vertically, intersect with the step size to fit the design requirements, bury and time-piece bar and arm joints welding firm, Ming Lu parts joint compact, polished boards, handrail installation of slope and slope of the stairs. No trace of obvious, consistent finish.

(5) the glass fence installation around fixed line, seamless, twisted joints tight. Flat and smooth surface, clean appearance, styling meets the design requirements.

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