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Several polished stainless steel balustrading

In the process of production of stainless steel railing, stainless steel balustrading lasting luster on the surface for easy cleaning and increased corrosion resistance, often railing in stainless steel surface polishing treatment. Commonly used stainless steel balustrading 3 main types of surface treatments:

1. electrochemical polishing
 The advantages of specular gloss to keep longer, process stability, low pollution, low cost, corrosion resistance good. The drawback is the high degree of pollution prevention, one-time investment in processing equipment, complex tooling, auxiliary electrode, mass production of needed cooling facilities. Suitable for mass production, mainly used in high-grade products, export, tolerances, process stability, easy operation.
 2. chemical polishing.
 Its advantage is less investment in processing equipment, complex parts can be thrown, high speed, high efficiency, good corrosion. The drawback is the brightness difference, gasses, you need ventilation, heating difficult. Suitable for processing small quantities of complex parts and small parts require very high brightness product.

3. mechanical polishing.
 Stainless steel stair handrail in the most common way. Its advantage is levelling after machining, and high luminous intensity. Its disadvantage is labor intensive, polluting, and complex parts can not be processed, and its luster is not consistent gloss holding time is not long, muffled, rust. Is suitable for processing simple, medium and small products. For ordinary stainless steel handrails, mechanical assistance, manual polishing can be.

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