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Stainless steel glass balcony railings safe?

Stainless steel glass balcony railings at present has been welcomed by consumers, stainless steel glass railings, transparent, wind, simplicity, advantages of fashion has been in hot pursuit of younger users, but there are a lot of users for the stainless steel glass security skeptical attitude.
Stainless steel glass railings, we mainly from the key consumer concerns "fragile glass" departure:
Stainless steel glass rod in the glass is silica sand, soda ash, feldspar and limestone as its main materials, melting, casting, solidification of amorphous inorganic materials. The very extensive use of glass, in the field of decorative curtain wall, glass balustrades, stainless steel glass railings, and so on. It has general material difficult to have transparency, has excellent mechanical properties and thermal properties. With development of modern buildings, glass material to keep the multifunctions.
Now there are a lot of people hold suspicious of stainless steel railing for safety. Glass as a decorative material, involving a fixed problem, a lot of people think that glass is breakable and not easy to fix, but it's not, some glass strength hardness comparable to metals, such as bullet-proof glass, of course, we are not discussing the strength of the glass. But exploring the glass railings of glass fixing problems. Usually with fixed glass stainless steel glass railings to stainless steel glass pendants, also known as glass or glass-jaw. Stainless steel glass vertical tube pendants attached stainless steel glass railings and glass, loading capacity is very important, the thickness of the glass pendants the thicker, then load the better. There are also fixed by plastic glass, sealing the well.
Glass balustrades, glass is no longer just a light material, and is a structure of modern building materials and decoration materials. Glass deep processing products with controlled light, regulate temperature, preventing noise and improve the art deco architecture and many other features.

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