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Stainless steel railing applications

Stainless steel railings from the wide range:

Scope of application: family houses, courtyards, villas, enterprises, institutions, services, transportation, parks and outdoor wall Rails and so on.
 Rails made of high quality hot galvanized plate and processed, from the inside out to prevent rusting of steel substrates. After degreasing, cleaning, conditioning, phosphating, spray washing, drying, spray powder, curing process. Imported plastic powder anti-UV additives, antioxidants, ensure fence having different weathering, corrosion, resistant to humidity and long-term surface self-cleaning abilities. Long and bright color, ten years of maintenance-free use requirements
 Product features:
 Beautiful, generous, looking more atmosphere
 Strong corrosion resistance (10 maintenance)
 Color according to the requirements of any combination
 Stylish simplicity, highlighting individuality
 Easy to install, light and flexible, better aeration

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