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Stainless steel railings and aluminum railing which is better?

In modern balcony railing, two common stainless steel railings and aluminum railing, fence of two different materials, there is a large gap in the prices. What to do when the balcony railing, stainless steel railings and aluminum railing which is better?

Before choosing a stainless steel railing and aluminum fence in, we need to understand the properties of the two materials.
 Broadly the difference between stainless steel and aluminum fence fence are as follows:
 1. price: stainless steel guard rail prices higher than aluminum fence prices
 2. hardness: stainless steel guard rail of the hardness is higher than hardness of aluminum alloy
 3. surface treatment of aluminium alloys are abundant, including electrophoresis, spray coating, anodizing, small stainless steel;
 4. bad surface treatment of aluminum alloy used for a long time after oxidation, stains; stainless steel is a little better, but ingredients are not up to standard, or careless maintenance so rust;

After the contrast difference between the two, small proposed high-rise balcony railing of the tenants choose high hardness, strong stainless steel rails and lower-level users, relatively low force requirements on the balcony of some users, can adopt aluminum alloy balcony guardrail.

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