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Stainless Steel Railings Care and Maintenance Tips

Stainless Steel Railings Care and Maintenance Tips

Date: 12/4/2017


Stainless steel is a kind of corrosion-proof material that contains at least 10.5% chromium. Even through stainless steel railings do not develop rust nor need additional protection to maintain its natural luster, they still need to do some cleaning to maintain the integrity of the material. And today, we are providing you some helpful care and maintenance tips to gloss and durability of stainless steel railings.


Cleaning Indoor Stainless Steel Railings

Indoor stainless steel railings need to be cleaned not as often as outdoor stainless steel railings, but we still suggest that it needs to be cleaned every 6 to 12 months. Here are some helpful tips of maintaining indoor stainless steel railings clean.

To remove finger marks, dust or dirt, you need to have a damp cloth and wipe with paper to dry. For marks that are harder to remove, you need a scotch bright and wipe the marks off. Don’t use steel wool or abrasive cleaning tools as they will cause unsightly scratches on the surface of the material.

Cleaning Outdoor Stainless Steel Railings

Comparing to indoor stainless steel railings, outdoor stainless steel railings are exposed to harsher climate. Even though the material is supposed to salt from sea air, environmental pollution, winter road salts or car exhaust fumes, the buildup is inevitable. The outdoor stainless steel railings need more frequency of cleaning than indoor railings. And we suggest cleaning them at 3 to 6 months intervals.

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