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Five Steps To Help You Choose The Stainless Steel Railings, Distinguishing Quality Is No Longer A Problem

Stainless steel railings due to its excellent performance and reasonable price, being more and more widely used in the construction industry, become a darling of the building materials sector. The use of a good quality stainless steel railings can also live for dozens of years. How, then, to judge the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel railings? Next, small numbered summarizes five methods:
See metal matte
High quality stainless steel surface has a very strong sense of metal railing, color of light. Cheap stainless steel railings, the surface usually appear light red or the color of pig iron, mainly due to its production process, steel temperature is not standard.
Second, the surface is smooth
A good stainless steel railings, the surface is very smooth, feel very good. Cheap stainless steel railings, its surface is very rough, there are also rugged, this is mainly stainless steel material in itself is not homogeneous, impurities, there is a stainless steel railing manufacturer equipment and production processes are not in place. Easy steel leaving scarring in the production process.
Third, whether there is a line on the surface.
Stainless steel railings, after fine processing after grinding, surface texture are regular. And if the surface of the stainless steel railings formed irregular lines, then it shows that in the process of production, in pursuit of a number of businesses, pressure is too large, arises when the next roll fold, which produces big drop in steel strength of the product.

Four, to see whether there are cracks on the surface.
High quality stainless steel railing is in perfect condition on the surface, inferior stainless steel railings, can be seen on the surface cracks, primarily its raw materials are from the Adobe materials, raw material in the production of such material easy to crack.
Five, see section forms
Look stainless steel railing section, you can also see the strength of the manufacturer. A focus on the production of stainless steel railing manufacturer, the section is very flat, rough behavior does not occur.
Above is the distinguishing quality of stainless steel railings, hoping to provide a little help.

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