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Stainless Steel Railings Of Several Common Surface Treatment Technology

Stainless steel railings, with its bright surface, advantages of difficult to rust, was welcomed by consumers. There are several surface treatments of stainless steel railing, popular mainly in the following categories:

And surface mirror light
 Stainless steel railing products according to complexity and user requirements on a regular basis using mechanical stainless steel polished, stainless steel chemical polishing method, electrochemical polishing of stainless steel to a mirror shine.
 Second, surface treatment
 Railing of stainless steel surface treatment there are several ways to implement
 Chemical oxidation and coloring method electrochemical oxidation and coloring method method of high temperature oxidation and coloring; gas-phase pyrolysis coloring method. Ion-deposited oxide coloring;
 Third, surface natural whitening
 Stainless steel railings in the process, through the coil, binding, welding or by artificial surface fire heated handle, Black oxide. Oxidation skin treatment at present there are two main methods:
 Method: using a pollution-free pickling passivation of cream and with inorganic additives for non-toxic cleaning solution at room temperature for dipping, so as to achieve the purpose stainless steel natural whitening treatment. This method is suitable for large, complex products. Sandblast method: is the main method of micro glass beads spray, remove the Black oxide on the surface of the skin.

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