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Stainless Steel Railings Quality Techniques

Through use of the stainless steel railings, there may also be some questions: railings titanium-coated surface produces chromatic aberration; weld prone to crack; the overall strength is not strong; Pat will be shaking and so on, so how do you solve these problems? Following Di Musi under small series and share coping strategies:
 First selects the quality of stainless steel tubing, even for the same type of tubes, but different brands of tubes, it contains trace elements are not the same, this will cause the color difference in the process of TI, is also in the process of TI TI quality management should be strengthened, so as to avoid problems with titanium-coated surface color to the greatest degree.

Stainless steel balustrade pipes when the optional parapet wall cannot be too thin, too thin-wall will make the overall rail strength is not high, generally used the pipe wall thickness is greater than or equal to 1.2mm. And the column diameter is too small, and handrails fit when segments of the arm is longer when the column design firm measures should be strengthened.
 In addition, construction must be precise line. First use a spirit level correct reference column and fixed at both ends, then pull the flux lines per column each column fixed. Should step up its inspection before welding embedded parts, are found buried pole should be well reinforced. Fixed column base should be prevented from expanding bolt is too short, or facing stone cement mortar layer not full, quality check every construction process should be strengthened, so as to correct quality problems.

When choosing a stainless steel railing manufacturer should choose Professional, there is a certain process conditions of suppliers so that you can guarantee the quality of stainless steel railing from the source.
 Welding is welding when better is lined with casing, stainless steel rail interface to avoid gaps.

Selection of pipe wall thickness in machining concave flat elbow-prone, and makes pipe not round, in welding and not lined with casing, so that when you grind weld after weld, easy to summon up one end of the tube mill, and should select the appropriate thickness of pipes, best for welding additional casing lining.
 Finally, stainless steel railing parts production completed in storage should be careful to avoid crossing operations by other objects in collision and scratch.

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